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Easy & Delicious Open House Snack Ideas


Having an open house soon? It’s a lot of work to ensure you have the right curb appeal and to stage the home staged perfectly. What about snacks for your prospects, have you given them much thought? While people coming in will be interested in the property, good food can make their visit more enjoyable. Great snacks can make potential clients linger around for longer. This gives you more time to convince them to purchase the property. But what snacks work best for a showing? Here are a few tips and ideas.

Stick with the Season

It’s important to offer food and drink that makes sense for the time of year. You don’t want to be serving people with hot-spiced apple cider on a hot summer afternoon. Consider serving cold snacks like fruits or iced drinks when it is hot. A good choice would be apple slices served with a caramel dip. Freshly squeezed lemonade or some tea will also do the trick.

During winter, opt for hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate, and keep these in thermal dispensers. Serve these drinks with tasty treats such as banana bread, brownies or chocolate chip cookies.

Homemade vs. Store-Bought Food

If you can make homemade foods, the visitors will often notice and appreciate it. Make big batches of food that can be made ahead of time with minimal effort. Crackers and homemade cheese balls, sausage skewers and creative sandwiches are great options. Aim to offer a small variety of options so everyone can find something they enjoy.

Home-made brownies and other treats made can be the perfect snacks for an open house, but what if you’ve been busy and don’t have the time to make the food? Fear not! Store-bought food can work wonders.

Find a good store nearby that sells exquisite food and serve it nicely. Lay the food on the dining table like you would when setting a dinner table. For the best results, ensure there’s no sign that the food is store-bought. Throw out all packaging materials and transfer the food to home plates, bowls and platters. Be sure to avoid foods that may drip on the furniture or carpets.

Remember The Children

Open houses tend to attract families who are looking to move, which means you will likely be entertaining several children. So, be sure to have some child-friendly snacks on hand. Don’t just think of snacks that kids will like, but also be sure the snacks you choose won’t cause excessive messes. Candies and sweets are perfect for kids. Get tasty toffees and place them at the entrance. With the kids busy chewing on their candies, you are less likely to have a trail of cookie crumbs all over the house.

Plan Your Clean Up

There will be people coming in and out throughout the day, so it’s important to keep tidying. Have a trashcan next to the food area so people know where to dispose of their trash. Whenever you get the chance, clean any dirty areas and empty the bin.

it may be a good idea to avoid serving food on paper plates, as these encourage guests to walk around the house while they snack. Instead, opt for finger foods that can be fully enjoyed in a few bites. Skewered foods can allow you to provide a variety of dishes. You can skew anything that does not fall apart, from shrimp to pineapple.

Anny leftover food should be stored in the fridge and packaged properly. A good idea is to share it with the sellers. Either way, be sure to tidy up at the end of the day before leaving.

In Conclusion

Hosting an open house can be a fun and effective way to sell a home, especially if you have the right foods to keep your guests engaged. Get tasty finger foods that will ensure your guests enjoy their visit. Whether you decide to have a vegetable platter, baked goods, or even barbecue, use high quality ingredients. Be sure to present the food nicely so it looks appetizing and inviting, and you’ll make the experience more memorable for your visitors. When it comes to selling a home every advantage, no matter how big or small, counts.

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