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Does a Garden Increase a Home’s Property Value?Sell Your Home in the San Marcos Texas real estate Market

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A garden does not require much in order to look great. However, when a garden is simple and well-kept, the result can cause a huge increase in a home’s property value. In fact, the amount could be as much as 25%. While it takes some work and money to keep up, a garden is capable of providing a high return on investment if you decide to sell later on. How is a garden capable of increasing a property’s value, and what steps should be taken to get the most out of this investment? We’ll cover these topics in more detail below.

Some Benefits a Garden Can Provide

To incorporate a garden into a property, all that needs to be done is to dedicate some space to the cultivation and growth of plants. With this wide definition of the word, a garden can involve a lot more than what most people typically think of. A space to grow flowering plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables can all fit the definition and can attract different types of buyers.

The benefits of a garden are immense, and being exposed to any greenery such as plants has a direct effect on an individual’s overall physical and mental health. Several studies have shown that direct sun exposure and physical activity while working in a garden are able to raise an individual’s vitamin D level and decrease blood pressure.

Creating a Radiant Garden

Although a garden might not appeal to all buyers, that does not mean that all of the hard work involved will go to waste. In fact, there are a couple techniques you can use to emphasize your garden and make it a focal point of the property.

Meticulous Upkeep

Failing to keep your garden looking good will have many people noticing a difference. Just by forgetting to keep a hedge trimmed may have others turning their heads to see. If your plants begin to die, then adding some simple fertilizer will maintain the plants’ life. If your plants have already flowered, then you should conduct some pruning in order to maintain their size.

Keeping it Simple

When it comes to gardening, keeping it simple will always be more valuable. This means incorporating plants that are maintenance-free, eliminating the chance for weeds, and keeping the mulch fresh. Potential buyers might be put off by the idea of a high-maintenance property, so a garden that can provide beauty and value with minimal maintenance is ideal.

Does a Garden Actually Raise a Property’s Value?

In a 2019 report, it was found that many homeowners were able to increase their home’s value by as much as $50,000 just by including a well-kept garden on top of an improved kitchen, or adding features that were energy efficient.

While the report did show an increase of more than 75% for the value of the property and home, there were other factors involved. Others include adding mulch every year, maintaining a well-kept lawn, planting a multitude of perennials and annuals, and keeping trees and shrubs pruned. This all could cost as much as $3,500, which is not bad because it can be easily returned after the home is sold.

Sell Your Home in San Marcos, Texas

Because of all of the costs and work involved, having a garden may not be for everybody. You can easily compare them to other features of properties such as a pools when trying to sell your home in San Marcos Texas. While it might not be a positive feature for every buyer, a simple and well-kept garden can overall make a home much more enticing and valuable on the market.

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