Getting the Yard Ready for Spring

Spring Ready Yard For Real Estate In San Marcos

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It is almost that time of year when the majority of buyers are looking for a new home. Now is the time to get s jump start on getting the outdoors ready. If you look closely, you will begin to see the signs of Spring starting to make their appearance due to the mild Winter. Leaves are starting to emerge from the branches, and new grass is beginning to sprout around the yard. Now is the optimum time to get the yard ready to promote new Spring growth and prevent unsightly landscape problems that will be more difficult to resolve if you wait until the temperatures rise.

Make Notes of Yard Problems

The first thing you need to do is examine the yard for things that need attention. Look for piles of leaves and organic debris that might have accumulated under bushes and in corners. Check under trees for any branches that have fallen. Look for any annuals that need to be removed. Inspect trees, bushes, and perennials to determine what needs to be trimmed back. If there is grass growth, take note of any bare patches.

Ensure the Grass is Green and Luscious

When a prospective buyer views the houses for sale in San Marcos Tx, a large portion of the yard will be the grassy areas. There are several things you could do to help ensure that the yard will be lush and green during peak buying season. Start by clearing any organic debris that has collected and removing any fallen branches.

Something that needs to be done before the temperatures reach sixty degrees is apply a crabgrass control. This is an excellent example of something that can be done to prevent future problems. Once crabgrass starts to grow, it can be unsightly, prevent the growth of desired grass, and is extremely difficult to get rid of once it has spread. If you notice any bare patches in the grass, reseed with the same type of seed as the surrounding grass and fertilize and water often. Once it gets closer to Spring and the temperatures start to rise, you should fertilize your entire yard.

Trim Trees, Bushes & Perennials

Next thing to focus on is trimming back trees to promote future growth. Remove any dead annuals that are in the ground. There is a chance that some of your annuals survived the winter and will continue to bloom for the rest of the year. Don’t cut back those or remove them. Trim any perennials and bushes. Apply a base layer of mulch around the perennials and trees. This will help regulate temperature and protect any new growth in the chance of a random freeze. Once the temperatures rise, you could plant any new annuals and apply a topcoat of mulch for color.

Doing these things will help get your yard in picture perfect condition for the Spring market. Taking these steps now will allow more time to focus on things that are not time sensitive once it gets closer to putting your house on the market. Remember the front yard is sometimes the only thing prospective buyers will see when deciding on what San Marcos homes for sale to schedule a viewing, so making a good first impression is a great place to start.

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