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Factors Parents Shouldn’t Overlook when Buying a HomeTips from your real estate team in San Marcos TX

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So you’ve recently started a family and are looking for a home with more space to suit your growing needs. You may already be eyeing what looks like the perfect starter home for your family. Many new parents find themselves in this position, only leaning later on that they overlooked some important quality of life features for their growing families. You’re not the only ones to look out for if you have kids. Avoid regrets down the road by considering some of these suggestions that many parents wish they’d thought of before committing to a new home.

Thoughtful bedroom placement

Depending on how many children you have, it would be wise to give some extra consideration to the placement of every bedroom in the house. This is incredibly important if you want an even flow where everyone is comfortable navigating throughout the house. Having a couple of extra rooms can also be advantageous because it means you can install a play area for specific needs.

Backyard Space

If you have a larger family including a pet, then a larger backyard will make a real difference. Consider looking into homes that have a yard that extends into a wooded area, and your children will thank you for the freedom. There are many fun possibilities and family activities that can be had in a more expansive backyard. Consider one with a therapeutic view to unwind with your family at the end of the day and enjoy the outdoors! It also opens up the possibility for you to install a play set or tree house that wouldn’t be possible in a smaller yard.

A Large Driveway

Most kids enjoy playing on the driveway in one form or another, and this can include activities like basketball or chalk drawing. Having a house with a more expansive driveway can help stimulate creativity and physical exercise. It is also a good compliment to a larger backyard and will help the kids feel less confined to a small space. They can ride bikes, go roller skating, or play catch from the comfort of a larger pavement area. Consider parking your cars inside the garage so they have a more expansive supervised play area in the front yard too.

The Neighborhood’s Social Dynamic

It’s important to survey the social quality of the neighborhood before you commit a home, because it’s healthy and advantageous for children to have playmates to decompress with after a long day at school. This encourages their social development and helps to create a sense of friendship and fellowship with others. Consider learning how many children are in the area to see if there are kids who match their age for potential playmates. These fruitful social connections are critical and are immensely beneficial towards encouraging a healthy work-play balance.


Taking these factors into consideration will pay dividends when searching for a family-friendly home that will cater to your child’s needs. This is especially true if you have multiple children and need to consider how they will all use the space together. Quality of life factors like this are often overlooked, and parents later regret not taking the time and consideration to facilitate a more kid-friendly environment. If you follow these suggestions, then it will result in a more favorable and informed outcome!

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