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Making Your Entryway Stand Out

When it comes to being the best real estate agent on the market, sales experience and relationships are two of the definitive factors. The other less obvious trait of a successful realtor is how he or she can stage a house in order to have it attract the right buyers, and close the deal. Here we’ll look at a few ways to make a home entryway stand out. Having a pleasant entryway is a a great way to give potential buyers a charming first impression of the home. Here some of our San Marcos, Texas, Real Estate agents will provide you with some tips to help you sell your home.

Tips for a Beautiful Entryway

When buyers are shopping for a home, the feeling they get inside of the house can make a huge difference. Listed or staged homes must be set up so that potential buyers can see themselves already living inside the house. This lets potential home buyers imagine their future lives in the home and decide on it above other options.

When deciding how to stage a home entryway, consider the space you’ll be working with. The size, colors, and lighting can make some suggestions work better in certain spaces than others. Also think about the area where the home is located. For example, rustic accents make popular decor in homes for sale in San Marcos, TX, but other types of interior accents might be more popular in other areas. Below are some general tips for staging a home entryway to help potential buyers feel welcome and at home:

  • Add artwork. Having some prints or paintings adorning an entryway, even small ones, can make a house feel more like home.
  • Add a pathway. Having a tasteful path leading guests from the street to the door makes them feel welcome.
  • Update paint. Considering painting the front door to contrast with the siding in order to make the entry standout.
  • Clean. Keep the entryway clean, especially floors, and clear away any clutter.
  • Add personality. Add some personal touches to the entryway, such as step tiles.
  • Add furniture. Consider adding some weather-proof furniture if the home has a front porch.
  • Lighting. If a home showing is in the evening and might approach darkness, consider motion activated lights for outside.

The Goal of Your Entryway

These are just a few options for brightening and detailing a home entryway. The main goal is to create an inviting entryway that will give potential buyers a great first interaction with the home. When a property is polished and pleasant to look at, it will create an inviting appearance that will make any visitor feel welcomed, and more importantly, feel at home.

Final Entryway Thoughts

Here we’ve looked at only a few of the great ideas out there for turning a home entryway into a wonderful welcome for potential home buyers. There’s a wealth of information about decorating out there, but the main point is just to spend some time creating something warm and welcoming. For more information about getting ready to stage your home, or to find out about homes for sale in San Marcos, TX, contact The Damron Group Realtors.

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