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Property Walk Score ExplainedA Guide From Your San Marcos TX REALTORS®


In today’s market, businesses are scored on a variety of things. One such score is the property walk score. These numbers rate from 0-100. Like many score, the number between 70/100 equates to the best. A 90 rating tells the potential property owner or renter that the community is a great place for outside activities, walking the dog, jogging, or possibly a pleasant walk to the nearest park.

A Good Walkability Score:

90/100 – Daily errands do not require a vehicle
A car is unnecessary for daily tasks.

70/89 – Very walkable
Most daily activities are manageable by walking.

50/69 – Somewhat walkable
Some errands are managed by foot

25/49 – Car required
Most activities require a car.

0-24 – Need a vehicle
Practically all activities require a vehicle.

Measuring Walkability:

Surveys inquire how people in a community feel about the safety of their area, and the design of the vicinity is taken into consideration. As realtors in San Marcos will tell you, consumers are increasingly searching for walkable places to live; due to this, builders are incorporating community designs that provide accessibility to stores and other venues.

Neighborhoods designed for walking assist the public by keeping down vehicle emissions, and reduces the cost of gas. Generally, weight loss is less of a chore for people living in walkable communities, and home values are slightly increased, by as much as $3000.

What Determines a Walkable Neighborhood?

  • Street Design- walking, bicycles, and transit facilities
  • A variety of housing- mixed
  • Pedestrian activity
  • Multiple school selections

Improving the Economy:

Many of the most vibrant areas in the country are places where people get out into the neighborhood on foot. They frequent coffee shops, pharmacies, boutiques, and grocery stores located within walking distance of their homes. Walkability helps money stay inside the community creating economic growth.

Tourists love to visit attractive places where the community feels secure, and they tell others about this bustling environment. Walkable neighborhoods are more personable; people sit, talk, and share ideas developing a strong sense of community cooperation.

Millennials are attracted to walkable neighborhoods; many feel better if walking to stores and restaurants is a convenient option of living in a growing community. Going out, buying local helps the economy and allows a person to stay fit from exercise.

Throughout the ages, the community has remained an essential part of family existence. The more secure a group is within its community, the better the health and well-being of its residents. The neighborhood grows, increasing the value of its surroundings for all.

Get Help From Experienced REALTORS® in San Marcos, TX

The Damron Group REALTORS® serve Central Texas and can describe the walkability of the communities it serves; this makes it possible for residents interested in buying or renting to understand the environment they are or might become a part of when moving into a neighborhood. This can help complete the list of information a client might need before deciding to move into a new location. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with a great walkability score, talk to one of our realtors in San Marcos, TX today to learn more.

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