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Surprising Things That Decrease Property Value

Property value is a tricky thing to measure. Many factors affect the value of your property, but it’s important to know what will lower your property value if you want to protect it. In this blog post, we will talk about 10 things that decrease property values, especially in Texas, and how you can avoid them!

Location of the home

One of the biggest things that affect property value is location. If your property is in a bad neighborhood, it’s going to be worth less than if it was in a good one. You can’t control where your house is, so if you are trying to sell and the home is in a bad neighborhood, you may have to work harder at adding things to the home to increase its value before selling.

Schools in the area

If there are no good schools in the area, or if the schools are considered dangerous, that will lower the value of your home. Again, you can’t always control this, but it’s something to keep in mind when looking at houses.


The condition of your house also has a big impact on its value. If your roof is leaking or your windows need replacing, that’s going to make it harder for people to buy your house. If you’re planning on selling soon, put in the effort now to fix things that are broken before you list your home.

Exaggerated decorations

Many homeowners try decorating their houses with art or rugs that fit a theme or style they think will increase its value, but this is one of the worst ways to decrease property values! Doing renovations that are very in line with one theme or style can also decrease the value as well. Stick with stylish simplicity! You want buyers envisioning themselves living in the home, not struggling to see past your decor.

Unappealing Repairs

One of the things that will decrease your property value is if you try and fix something before selling but don’t do a good job! If there are holes in walls or stains on carpets, they need to be fixed now so buyers can see them when viewing your home for sale. Potential buyers are going to be paying close attention to these things. Ensure that all repairs are done right. When buyers are walking through homes, they can be very attentive to the small details, and even something as small as some lazily done tiling or grout can be very offputting to some buyers.

Above Ground Pools

You may love having an above-ground pool at your place, but chances are this is one of the things that will decrease property value. If you own an above-ground pool, it’s best to take down all signs before putting your home on sale, even if they are temporary! Nothing is more unattractive than a nice house with a big eyesore in its backyard.


One of the most considered things about home buying is hygiene. No one wants to live in a house that smells bad or has cockroaches running around. If you’re not taking care of your hygiene the value of the home will decrease because not cleaning and caring for things properly in a home causes them to deterioprate faster than if they were being regularly cleaned and cared for.


Another thing that decreases property value is pests. No one wants to buy a house that termites or rodents have infested, so be sure to get regular pest control done if you don’t want this affecting your sale price.

Poor landscaping

Something as simple as bad landscaping can also lower the home’s value. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on landscaping, but if you don’t have any plants or flowers and the yard is just dirt, that will not make a good impression on buyers. Even adding a few bushes can do wonders


Selling your home can be a stressful process, and so can buying a new home. If you consider these tips when trying to sell or looking at a new property, your experience will be smoother!

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