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Tips for a Successful Open HouseFrom your Real Estate Agents in San Marcos TX

While it can feel like a jungle out there in the real estate world as you decide to buy and sell a property, one thing has stayed constant for years as a tried and true method of getting good buzz out there about your property: hosting an open house! Whether you are using a real estate agents or not, one of the best ways to get people interested in your property is by welcoming them into it to look around. And while this is fairly simple, you will want to take a few measures in order to make sure that your open house is a success. Keep some of these tips in mind as you work to get your property on the market and plan your open house!


One factor that has changed with the times is marketing strategies. You still will want to post signs in your local area and maybe even consider sending out a mailer to let everyone know about the upcoming open house, but because of the internet and the wide use of social media, it is super important to advertise using these resources as well. Think about it – if not most, a lot of the people you know are on social media in some capacity. If you post about your upcoming open house, you never know who on your friends list is either looking or knows someone who is actively looking to buy a home. Not to mention, posting on your Facebook wall or Instagram is absolutely free, and any shares that your post gets from your friends are also free! You definitely want to take advantage of this when you are advertising your open house! 


You are inviting strangers into your home in hopes that they will want to pay a lot of money for it. With this in mind, the space needs to be absolutely spotless because you don’t want anything to detract from all of the great things about it. If you can, consider hiring professional house cleaners to thoroughly deep clean the space. 


Beyond getting those windows, baseboards, and little details in pristine condition for presentation, decluttering any unnecessary and personal items is next. When it comes to showing your house, less is more. Excessive nick nacks and furniture can detract from the overall space, so getting down to the essentials can actually help your space look even more clean and spacious. You want the people walking into the open house to envision themselves and their families making that space their own, so removing personal belongings like family photos and kid’s homemade macaroni projects can leave room for potential buyers to do that. 


There are a couple of simple things you can do to make sure your home is set up just right the day of the open house. Great lighting is a huge factor in making a space look inviting, so try scheduling your open house at the right time of day and have your blinds open, letting your house light up for everyone to marvel at. If you can, arrange for any kids to be occupied off property which will free you up to be available for anything that might need your attention. Additionally, your open house would best be served if any pets were not seen or heard either. Throw in some tea and finger snacks, and you are ready to wow people with your beautiful home!

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