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Why You Need a Professional Real Estate Agent to Sell Your HomeAdvice from a San Marcos Real Estate company

The real estate industry is considered to be one of the most revolutionary sectors in the market today with revenues of over 200 billion dollars in the USA. With over 210,000 companies grappling for a piece of the pie, surviving in the already in the fluxed industry requires precision and skill. Most individuals may argue that there are more advantages when selling a home but the reality is most people are not cut to handle the daily hustle and bustle of the industry. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional to sell your home.

Excellent Network

Don’t fall for the trap that you alone can be a jack of all trades. Yes, you might list your home at craigslist or any other platform in the market, but there are several technical issues that you need to consider. One of the most significant advantages of having a professional sell your home is the extensive network of clientele he brings along.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiating a fair price for your house should be one of your tried skills. Most agents have done this over the years, and they are good at it. If you decide to sell your house on your own, then be ready to experience a gruesome battle with the buyer’s agent. Most of them use some underhand tactics to arm-twist you into agreeing on their offer, and in most cases, it is always a lesser amount.


If you decide to sell your home, you might not love the idea that the buyer might have for your home. It is not a secret that most people get attached to their property and making hard decisions might seem painful, hence the need to have a professional sell your home for you. An agent can do regular follow-ups without the need to show desperation or urgency.


It is an agent’s job is to remain available through the process. With an enormous network of individuals around him/her; setting up expos to showcase the company’s portfolio will surely boost your chances of selling your home. Additionally, as the owner of your home, you might have a busy schedule, and potential buyers may be on your neck every day asking to view the property. To get rid of all this hustle, you need a realtor by your side. Experienced realtors can identify potential buyers from the first conversation they have, hence saving you the worry of having to show window shoppers your home.

Market Value

As mentioned, an experienced realtor has built an extensive network over time; thus he has data available on every sale that has happened over the area and what the set price was. Additionally, he/she is better placed to understand the different tax laws that are set out when making a sale. Lastly, an experienced realtor can give you several tips on how to make your house more valuable than the set price.

Let the Professionals Help

For more information about how a professional can help you sell your home, contact The Damron Group Realtors©, a successful group of realtors in San Marcos, TX.

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