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Why You Should Start House Hunting in Late SummerPro Advice from a San Marcos Real Estate Company

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Summertime is usually the time that people are going out of town and enjoying vacations while they relax on the beach. This means that summertime is the time to take advantage of the housing market because it will be less competitive. The busiest time of year for the housing market is the springtime. This is when the weather is getting beautiful again, and people are trying to find a house so that they can move by the time summer comes around. Jumping on this bandwagon would mean that you will be competing with the hundreds of other people who are looking for their dream home as well and are willing to raise the stakes so the competition is tougher to get into the house you want. 

If you wait until the summertime to start looking for a new home for you and your family, you may think that you are behind the times, but this could actually mean that you are taking advantage of a market that is much lighter meaning it could be easier to get into a new house that you love without much competition trying to beat you out on it. The market is going to be especially light during the second half of the summer when even more people are focusing on their vacations, and not on looking for a new house. Fewer buyers looking for a house means there is less competition on a house that you love, which means that putting in a bid and getting the house of your dreams can be a much easier process. 

Sellers are more motivated to sell in the summer. There are fewer buyers on the market during the late summer months, especially in July and August, which means there is less competition for you. But this is bad news for the sellers. Fewer buyers on the market mean there will not be many bids on a house so a seller is going to be willing to negotiate prices and take bids when they come, making summertime the perfect time to act. 

If a house is not new on the market in the summer, it means that it was probably sitting on the market for a few months- meaning it did not sell during the most popular time of the real estate year. If it went through the most popular season and did not get sold when the market is flooded with motivated buyers, then the seller is going to have to get realistic. By the time summer comes around and the market thins out, sellers will begin to lower the prices that they list their houses for. That means that the house you fell in love with that was way out of your budget will more than likely be brought down to a more fair price that you can afford. This is the perfect time to pounce and put in an offer! Late summer is the perfect time to find a property that was recently listed at an unrealistically high price and is now in a better range for your budget. That dream house isn’t so far fetched. 

Buying a house in the late summer months can benefit you by giving you the upper hand in the market, and you can find a house that you love at a price you could only dream of. Don’t be afraid to let the market thin out over the spring months before you make your move- it could really pay off in the end.

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