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Buying a Home Near a School: Pros & ConsTips from your Real Estate office in San Marcos TX

Home Buying Tips

A house is built of mortar and bricks, but a home is made of people therein and the surroundings.

Homebuyers mainly focus on the property’s quality when searching for a house, evaluating factors like the kitchen facilities and how old the roof is. However, buyers typically avoid properties located in a remote area and will also examine the neighborhood’s state to see if they will get along with the new neighbors. A neighborhood close by to a school is a suitable home for a buyer with school-age children, but home buyers without school-age children may find that the cons of living near a school exceed the pros.

Having in mind what awaits you in the new neighborhood will help you decide whether to purchase a home near a school. Below, we’ll go over some of the pros and cons of living near a school and what you can expect from a home in such a neighborhood. If you’re ever in doubt, remember that a real estate agent can be a valuable partner when evaluating any home’s neighborhood.

Pros of Buying a Home Near a School

The Option to Walk Your Children to School

Living adjacent to a school makes it easier for parents—no more having to drive your kids to school. You walk them. The walk may help you as a parent, creating a strong bond between you and your kids.

A Nearby Playground

A playground is an added advantage to parents with younger kids. Living near a school, you will always have a free playground after school is over and won’t have to take your kids to a park. You will always be safe, letting your kids play in the neighborhood no matter the age.

A Safe Neighborhood

Security in every school is a priority, and many schools have security systems that even protect the neighborhood. By living near a school, you are assured of security 24/7. For children who love playing outdoors, it’s safe for them to play since the neighborhood is safer compared to the communities with no school.

Higher Resale Value

Homes near schools are in higher demand, and homebuyers will consider a home near a school an excellent option when looking for a home. Homes found in highly rated school districts are in demand and have high resale prices.

Ease of Access for Parents Involved in School Activities

Parents interested in school activities and living near the school will find it easier to access the school at any time of the day if the school is only a short walk away.

A Densely Populated Neighborhood Ideal for Your Kids

A neighborhood consisting of a school tends to have children around. For a home with kids looking for friends, the presence of kids in the area is essential.

Cons of Buying a Home Near a School

Disruptive Noise Levels

Children play over lunch and recess breaks, and they make a lot of disturbing noise to the neighbors in the morning. Schools consisting of older boys can cause loud noises in the evening due to outdoor activities like sporting events.

Inconvenient Traffic

Buying a home near a school sometimes means you have to bear a lot of traffic, including cars honking and buses ferrying children to and from school. More traffic is likely to occur if an activity occurs at the school, such as sporting events.

Final Thoughts

Whether planning to own a property near a school or not, it’s you to decide. It’s also essential you weigh the merits and demerits before purchasing a rental property or a home. To this end, a real estate agent is a valuable partner that can help you get a better picture of a neighborhood before you commit to buying a home. If you’re looking agents selling real estate in San Marcos TX, consult The Damron Group REALTORS® for expert knowledge and advice on the area.

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