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How To Research your Homes History

Your home is very much like your friend. You spend time with it, value it, and take care of it. You want to know more about it. Who lived there before you? You would like to know when it was built. And how it has changed over the years.

But you cannot ask questions and get answers from your new home. You need other ways to get the story of your home. How can you get to know that story?

The house can show you its story

From the rafters in the attic to the basement bricks you can see a lot of the story of an old house. There may be stamps or dates that show the builder or the time the house was built. Different sizes and types of bricks will give you lots of clues- such as that the house was a product of different periods or phases.

Old wallpaper and its patterns, color schemes, or period styles can also reveal time periods in the building’s life.

Talk to other people

Local people and businesses can also be a source of information about your home. The barber and a long-service mailman are among good sources of information about your home. Who lived there before, and how it has changed over the years?

Your neighbors who lived in the area for a while can fill you in. That info you will not find in the public records.

Look up property and land records

A title or deed search can give you information about past ownership. The property’s tax records can also show changes of ownership over time. The records of many city or county offices can date back many decades and show your house and how the layout of the area around it has changed. The Public Records Online Directory might be a good place to begin your research.

Check the area’s history

Finding out about the history of your town or city and events can help. What happened there can give you clues about the history of your home. Search historic maps that may have photos of your home or historic photos of nearby buildings. Look at other similar buildings and how your home differs or looks similar.

You can also lookup your home’s Google Street View history in Google maps. Look for the timeline of your homes Google Street View photo, which goes back to 2007.

Check local census records

You can get information about previous owners from census records. You can learn more about your home’s value. And the number of adults and children that lived there at different times.

Visit your public library and local historical society

Your local library and historical society can be a good source of old photographs. They might show your home and a map of the area. You can also look for old newspapers with articles that deal with the history of your local town.


There are also several books to guide your quest in researching your home’s history. Check for sources that explore the past of your area. Search for relevant titles in your local bookstore or public library.

Researching the history of your home takes time. You must also look and listen as you explore your neighborhood. These helpful tips will get you started on your quest. Explore your curiosity about your home’s history.

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