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Investing in Real Estate for Retirement Income
Tips From Your San Marcos TX Agency

With an increasing number of people relying less on pensions and becoming more weary of 401ks and Roth IRAs, many are looking to real estate to fill in the gaps—especially in retirement. While there are many aspects to consider before you invest in real estate to ensure retirement security, there are considerable benefits and ways…
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Understanding the Basics of Real Estate vs Personal Property Tax

When people refer to property tax, they are generally referring to two distinct categories. The first category is the real estate tax, and the other the personal property tax. Real estate tax is often referred to as the real property tax, while the personal property tax has several different subcategories. When it comes time to…
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Things HOA Can and Can’t do
Tips from Your Real Estate Agents in San Marcos

Many people love their homeowners associations because they maintain properties and keep communities in order. These associations typically charge a single flat monthly fee. Many property owners enjoy knowing they don’t have to worry about managing the external parts of the property, but this may also put limitations on things property owners are able to…
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Real Estate Tax Incentive Options
From a San Marcos Real Estate Company

While the age old debate of whether it is better to buy or rent when it comes to your home will likely carry on, there is no denying some of the benefits of home ownership. In addition to not having to ask for permission to do something as basic as painting a wall in your…
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Saving on Real Estate Taxes Without Deductions

Whether you own a home or have a large real estate investment portfolio, you are going to seek the best deductions to save money during the tax season. Real estate taxes may vary, depending on where you live, but finding tax credit to reduce your tax bill can often be a great help. Here are…
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Using Real Estate As A Retirement Strategy

Why People in Their 20s and 30s Should Choose Real Estate as a Retirement Strategy Men and women between 20 and 30 years old may wonder whether it is a wise idea to consider real estate as a retirement plan. To decide if housing is a viable source of income during your retirement period, you…
Types of Real Estate Ownership

Types of Real Estate Ownership

There are several ways a person, or group of people, can own property. These depend on if you are the sole owner, own it equally with someone, hold different percentages of equity and things of that nature. Sole ownership (also knows as Ownership in Severalty) Ownership in severalty occurs when one person, or corporation, owns…
Cost Saving Measures for Homeowners in San Marcos, TX

Cost-Saving Measures for Homeowners

We went over in our last two articles the costs, fees, and taxes a homeowner should expect. After that, we covered tax deductions for homeowners. But that does not include ways to save money on your bills, repairs, and general costs. When people imagine making upgrades to their home, especially ones that are supposed to…
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A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Pay the Rent

Do you live alone, with your own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and car? If so, then you know how expensive it can be, to have a place all to yourself, a luxury that’s only becoming pricier as the cost of living in San Marcos goes up. It seems that in our search for independence and breathing…
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4 Tips for Entertaining Guests at Your New Home in San Marcos

It’s always great to have get-togethers with friends and family to catch up and have a good time. Sure, you could go out to a restaurant or an event, but nothing beats the relaxed environment of your home. It’s great to have guests over at any time or for any occasion, and it’s always nice…
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Fun Things to Do in San Marcos, TX

Maybe you’re still looking for a home in San Marcos, TX, or maybe you’ve just moved in. Either way, we’d love to welcome you to our town and provide you with a list of some popular attractions we think you should check out! The San Marcos River Many residents love spending the day at the…