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Reasons to Move to San Marcos: Nature, Hiking, Biking and the River

Why do people move? There are tons of reasons why people move, including new job prospects, to relocate closer to family, to get more space for less money, for a nicer city or just for a change in scenery. If something has led you to consider a home in San Marcos, you should know everything the city has to offer you. The more a city has to offer, the more appealing it will be to future residents, businesses, tenants or for yourself! That means more opportunities in the future as well. It is important that you are happy where you live, and the more you know about what to do in your new town, the more likely you will be to love it. In San Marcos, one of the best things the town has to offer is natural beauty and access to nature. Spending time in nature has healing properties and is a great thing to have access to. 

The San Marcos River

The river is a natural treasure available to all residents of San Marcos. It comes from Spring Lake at the start of the river, which is a natural spring fed from the aquifer that filters the water through layers and layers of sediment. The end result is a river clean enough to drink the water directly out of, especially in the first mile after the spring. Because it comes from underground and is spring-fed, it remains at 72 degrees year round. This makes it a great place to be during summers, and it is the reason the water appears to steam during the winter.

You can tube the main portion of the river at Lion’s Club Tube Rentals, or you can visit the other tubing rental companies in town to take a longer float downstream. With plenty of parks available, you will be able to find something that matches what you are looking for when you want to swim. Rio Grande has dams that can be swam down, Sewell Park has sand volleyball and basketball courts, and those are only just two. There are also plenty of places to rent kayaks or paddle boards. Fishing is also a great thing to do at any point past Rio Vista park. 

The Greenbelt

San Marcos has more than a thousand acres of greenbelt areas and miles and miles of trails. Lower Purgatory links with both Upper Purgatory and Prospect Park, and is over 400 acres. Prospect has wide inviting trails, open fields, large shaded forests, plenty of biking paths, benches, bridges and a viewpoint from the top of the old quarry. Ringtail Ridge is a great place to take dogs, and is 40 acres with 3 miles of trails, plenty of shaded areas, bridges and a pond during certain times of the year.

Schulle Canyon is a mile long trail with plaques that show you what plants and trees are there naturally. It’s a great place to go if you are curious about that kind of thing and are looking to find out what kind of plants we have in San Marcos. Spring Lake Park is also over 400 acres, and has tons of secluded trails that are a great place to visit. This also has a site that the Tonkawa and later Comanche indigenous groups called home, with designated historical markers showing you their campsite. Blanco Shoals goes along the Blanco River and is great if you want to see the Blanco River without having to march through high grass. 

Key Takeaway

These are just a small sample of the natural beauty San Marcos has to offer. If you decide to make the town your new home, you can look forward to no shortage of exciting or relaxing outdoor adventures.

Outdoor Activities

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