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Wine glasses on a barrel

Reasons to Move to San Marcos, TX: Central Texas Wineries

The climate and cascading, hilly terrain of central Texas are ideal for cultivating some of the best grapes in the country. Being smack dab in the middle of the region, San Marcos has easy access to all of the delectable wines and extensive vineyards Central Texas has to offer. Touring the wineries and tasting the…
Man floating down the San Marcos river on a tube

Reasons to Move to San Marcos: Nature, Hiking, Biking and the River

Why do people move? There are tons of reasons why people move, including new job prospects, to relocate closer to family, to get more space for less money, for a nicer city or just for a change in scenery. If something has led you to consider a home in San Marcos, you should know everything…
A collection of rocks on a trail at Upper Purgatory Natural Area

Six Ways to Experience Undisturbed Nature in San Marcos TX

Summer is just around the corner in Central Texas, and that means kids will be out of school and adults will be taking some time off work to plan some fun summer activities. While there is no shortage of family-friendly attractions around San Marcos, sometimes the best way to spend some free time is to…