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Reasons to Move to San Marcos, TX: Central Texas Wineries

The climate and cascading, hilly terrain of central Texas are ideal for cultivating some of the best grapes in the country. Being smack dab in the middle of the region, San Marcos has easy access to all of the delectable wines and extensive vineyards Central Texas has to offer. Touring the wineries and tasting the unique signature notes of wines in the region has been a memorable pastime for locals and visitors alike.

The Hill Country in central Texas is home to over 100 vineyards, and San Marcos sits at the heart of this thriving industry. The wines in the region have been compared to those offered in Portugal, France, and Italy. Winemaking in Texas goes all the way back to the Franciscan priests in the early 1600s. The unique soil and humid climate lend to an early harvest for Texas wineries.

While touring the vineyards, you will discover a wide array of diverse flavors and experiences presented with a distinctly Texas charm. Some visitors would say that Texas hospitality is unsurpassed.

Bella Vista Ranch

When you visit the Bella Vista Ranch, you will have the opportunity to try a Sangiovese or a Cabernet Franc. You can explore the inspiriting views while you learn about the Old World methods of making wine that are still practiced today at Bella Vista. This unique winery also cultivates olives. This is an artisanal winery offering very special small-batch wines unlike any other.

Singing Water Vineyards

With vineyards cover over 6 acres, the Merlot specialists at Singing Waters Offer an unforgettable experience with a variety of tasting rooms to try their wines. They have taken a charming old barn and given it new life as one of their tasting rooms. They also have a treehouse that has views of a stream. For a fun and whimsical experience, be sure to include this one.

La Cruz de Comal Wines

This is a purist winery that uses no yeast or sulfites. The methods of winemaking create bold, robust flavor in the wines produced here, and the integrity of this small winery is present down to every detail. Their tasting rooms are compared to provincial cottages found in the landscapes of Europe, whispering back to a simpler time.

Holidays For Wine Enthusiasts!

As the seasons turn chilly and the holiday spirit is blooming, Texas hill country wineries have something special to offer visitors as well. It’s called the Christmas Wine Affair: an event when families can enjoy the bright Christmas season and taste a wide variety of the exquisite wines the region has to offer. However, there are a limited number of tickets for this event. Hurry and grab yours soon!

San Marcos: The Best Kept Secret

It is clear to see that San Marcos has so much to offer to those who stumble upon this veritable oasis. The mystique of the numerous wineries nearby makes it a lively place for exploration. The temperate climate and friendly people of the area make it an outstanding place to visit or call home. The wineries of the region are so varied so as to fit any taste. You’ll find them to be quaint while complex, rounded out with wholeness and simplicity found nowhere else. We hope to see you soon in the Texas hills.

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