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How to Tell if a Home Buyer Isn’t SeriousAdvice from your San Marcos Realtors

If you’re in the process of selling a home, it’s important to be aware of offers from buyers who aren’t serious about buying your property. Some home buyers may seem serious and request a showing with no real interest in purchasing your house. Some may even commend the house and comment on how they would love to live in the house. However, they may say all this but have other thoughts of not purchasing the home.

It would be best to distinguish between a serious buyer and one who is just shopping around. A window shopper will waste your time and the resources you use to show them the property. Here is a compilation of signs that will show you a home buyer is not serious or just not into that house.

1. The Buyer is Not Approved

A buyer should always be approved by a lender before they come for a viewing. If the buyer is not pre-approved by the lender, it may be a good indication that they aren’t serious about their interest. You may deny the offer when you find out that the buyer is not approved.

Any buyer who loves your home and wants to buy it must look for approval and give you a positive sign. Most buyers will say so much about how they would love living in your house but still fail to buy it for no apparent reason. It would be disheartening to get halfway through the selling process just to be turned down with disappointment.

2. The Buyer Does Not Have an Agent

A serious buyer will use agents for the buying process. Interestingly, agents are paid by the seller. It would be ironic that buyers do not have an agent when they do not incur any hiring cost. A buyer who comes for a viewing without an agent is probably not serious and just window shopping or getting a feel for the market.

Equally important is that even a serious buyer who is ready to buy a house and does not have an agent should make you worry. They may cause a lot of trouble as the process elapses. They may also not understand the process; hence they can make it very difficult. The process is demanding and requires real work. A buyer needs a lot of help from agents to make the process fast and successful.

3. You Met the Buyer at Open House

Open houses are not the perfect places to meet serious buyers. Buyers who want a house and are committed to getting it will ask for a private showing and walk through the process themselves. It also helps them experience the house and environment without any distraction. Serious buyers are also aware that good homes sell very fast. They will be quick to request a private showing before the house is sold to someone else.

3. The Buyer’s Offer is Too Low

Buyers who make crazy low offers are not interested in buying the home. Serious buyers will put their best offers to buy a home since they know it can be purchased by anyone else. They will offer the best suggestions to make them the best candidate to buy the house. Do not entertain buyers with low offers since they are most likely making offers to many other sellers and will likely not move forward with your property.


It is better to deal with serious buyers and avoid window-shoppers. Focusing your energy on serious buyers can go a long way towards making the home selling process seamless. Use these tips to differentiate between a serious buyer and one that will just waste your time and resources.

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