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The Value of Owning VS Renting a HomeAdvice from a San Marcos TX Real Estate Agency

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The accomplishment of grabbing a dream home is catastrophic for some people, and positively reassuring for others. It depends on the circumstances that you may have that can determine whether it’s going to be devastating or uplifting to you and your family. Times are changing as society is becoming more mobile and people have a tendency to move around instead of actually settling down in one central location to financially pay off their mortgage. Therefore, below are a few insights on the significance of owning versus renting a house in today’s market.

Financial Stability

As most people understand, there is no set price of whether owning or renting is going to be less expensive. It all depends on the situation that you’re in as well as the market trend. For example, if you own your home, you will have expenses such as property taxes and maintenance to have to be concerned about versus renting where the additional finances will have to be taken care of most of the time through the landlord; however, the landlord may increase the monthly rent. There are many people looking at owning a home as a retirement plan as the house can build up equity over time depending on the market value. But in regard to financial stability, some people look at renting a home as less expensive and the additional amount they would spend on a mortgage can actually be pushed to a savings account. Therefore, owning or renting a home off of financial stability depends on if you have plans for your future established or if you are in the process of establishing your funds currently. Once a home is bought and paid for in the mortgage comes complete, then the homeowner can turn it around and sell it giving them more means of stability for their future, which can also help with future generations of the family.

Maintenance Requirements

The maintenance requirements that occur when a person decides to purchase a house can be expensive over time. However, on the other side of renting the maintenance issues and requirements can usually be taken care of through a landlord depending on the rental agreement. Homeowners have the ability to decide who, what, when, and where they plan on getting there maintenance requirements done, however, it may take a longer time to dedicate finances to paying for maintenance issues. Renting, on the other hand, is a simple process for most renters because they just called her landlord and landlord handles the issues. Owning a home and fixing maintenance requirements can be essential to increasing the equity of the home of time; however, it’s up to the homeowner to get that taken care.

Return Of Investment

As mentioned above, a home’s equity usually increases over time if the proper maintenance and functionality of the home are handled accordingly. If a person purchases a home and builds the deck in their backyard, this can increase the value of the home if the home is put up for sale. As a renter, there are no fluctuations of return of investments. Renters have access to houses; however, their monthly rent is gone as soon as the rent is paid for the month. There are some people who take the extra money that would’ve been put towards a mortgage and put into savings account for future financial plans, therefore their return of investment can be set up through personal determination and dedication.

Owning Versus Renting A House

In conclusion, there are many positives and negatives to renting or owning a home, however, it is better to address both sides when making the decision to renter or own. You will need to consider your financial stability in the current times as well as the future for renting and owning options. Also addressing if you’re prepared to take on the maintenance requirements that renting and owning entail to help you make a decision if one or the other is ideal for you and your family. And lastly, you’ll want to consider if the return of investment for renting or owning is going to be a better fit for you. Owning a home can have massive benefits, and so can renting; however, it really is based on your current plans and your future goals of what you want to accomplish. The best way to help you make a decision is to talk to a real estate agent who can understand both sides of the complexities of renting versus owning a house for your particular situation.

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