6 Quick and Easy Home Improvement Projects

If you’re looking to sell your home, anything you can do to make it more appealing helps. If you’ve just moved into your new home, it’s very likely there’s always room to improve upon it. We’ve compiled a list of six quick and easy home improvement ideas that are well worth the effort.

1) Paint the Front Door

Painting the front is pretty simple, and can really spruce up your home. Give it a fresh coat of paint using a color that complements the house’s exterior, or be bold and daring and paint it with a color that really pops and stands out.

2) Paint Some Furniture

While we’re on the topic of painting, if you have any furniture that’s starting to show its age, a new coat of paint can fix it right up.

3) Updating Kitchen and Bath Fixtures

If your kitchen or bathroom is feeling a bit outdated, you can quickly give it new life with some new fixtures. You can stick with the current theme (wood or metal), but if you want to mix it up or mix and match, it often turns out quite nicely. Just be sure you plan ahead!

4) Update Your Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Hardware

While we’re on the topic of updating your kitchen and bathroom, we should mention that updating your cabinet pulls and knobs is a quick and easy way to add some style and flair to modernize your rooms. You can look at websites such as The Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.com/b/Tools-Hardware-Hardware-Cabinet-Furniture-Hardware/N-5yc1vZc29z) for a wide variety of knob and pull styles in a number of materials, including bronze, nickel, chrome, brass and more.

5) Update Your Outside Lights

If the outside of your home looks a little dreary at night, it might be time to clean the outside bulbs, or even swap them for some new ones. You should notice a rather drastic difference. If it still looks a bit dim outside, you can add lights along your walkways to help illuminate the way.

6) Install a Fan

It may sound complicated, but installing a fan in your home is pretty straightforward and not as expensive as you might think. Don’t go for anything gaudy unless you’re really feeling it, simple and elegant is often a much better way to go.

None of these projects should take more than a day to complete, and they are well worth the time and effort. If you’re looking to sell your home, these small upgrades can be very appealing to potential buyers. Or if you’re just looking to spruce up your home, you may be quite surprised by what an impact such small changes can have. As always, if you’re looking to sell your home in the San Marcos, San Antonio, or Austin area, give us a call!

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