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Investing In San Marcos Real Estate For Your Retirement

With the cost of living in today’s economy, Social Security Income may not be enough for a comfortable retirement. Contrarily, real estate is always in demand. Many retirees have turned to real estate to help supplement their income after retirement. Some people have been able to retire early due to their real estate investments. There are several ways…
Need to Sublease Your Apartment so You Can Move In to Your New Home? Part 1

Need to Sublease Your Apartment So You Can Move Into Your Home? Part 1

When you first move into a new area and are looking for a home, you can’t exactly choose to be homeless. Unless you want to drop $100+ a day on hotels, you probably are going to have to find temporary housing. And that means renting, either an apartment, a townhouse, or a home. Although some…
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Real Estate Investing Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

When it comes to real estate investing there are many myths out there. These myths are holding back potential investors, but they are simply that: myths. Investing Is Not as it Seems First off, real estate investing is commonly perceived the way that it is seen on television, as easy and effortless, while in the…
San Marcos Rental Property Info - Part 3

Rental Investment Property: Part 3

Setting Rent, Advertising and Proper Upkeep Our ongoing series of rental investment continues with Setting Rent. When choosing the rent amount, the basic laws of supply and demand applies. The best rate will maximize profit and minimize vacancy time. The first thing to do, is to evaluate your property. For example, what you can charge…
San Marcos Rental Investment Property - Part II

Rental Investment Property: Part Two

If you missed our first article on rental investments, be sure to check it out here. We went over picking out the right home/property and tenants for you. If you are just getting into rental investment, you may want to take a look at it. But in this one we are going to go over…
San Marcos Rental Property - Part I

Rental Investments: Part One

Picking Out the Right Rental Investment Property It can seem daunting picking out an investment property to rent to tenants. Looking to invest? Every market is different, and every property will have its own unique challenges, but here are some general steps you can take to make sure the property you buy is the right…