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Beautiful view of the Texas hill country

Why Buying Land in Central Texas Is a Good Investment

Land is regarded as being one of the most valuable resources you can own. Recently, Tesla proclaimed that they were moving their plans for a mega factory to Texas for several reasons. With the numerous benefits you stand to gain by purchasing land in Texas, it comes as no surprise. The benefits become even greater…
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Predicting the Real Estate Market in 2021
From Your San Marcos Realtors

The state of the world is quite an uncertain one at this time, and that makes total sense. Things have never been this way before. It can be tough to make accurate guesses that relate to anything, and the real estate world is certainly no exception. If you’re thinking about doing anything that involves real…
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The Real Estate Market in 2020
Predictions from Your San Marcos Realty Team

2020 is looking at a rather mixed future for housing. The unemployment rate is at the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Also, mortgage interest rates are simultaneously very low. As a result, the only problem predicted is that there won’t be enough houses for everyone who wants one. Also, with more of the elderly…
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Millennials And The San Marcos Real Estate Market

The housing market can be affected by a lot of varying and moving factors. Millennials represent the current generation of first time home buyers, and their habits as a whole have had an effect on the current housing market. Who Are Millennials? Wikipedia defines “millennial” as an individual who was born between the years of…
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The Most Expensive U.S. Real Estate Developments

Have you ever wondered what the most expensive real estate developments have been in U.S. history? While you may have an idea, it may shock you to know how much some real estate developments actually cost. While New York City is home to many expensive real-estate developments, Miami, Vegas, and Boston also have some incredibly…
Real Estate Boom In Central Texas

Central Texas Experiencing Huge Real Estate Boom, Growth and Bedroom Communities

Central Texas has been growing for the last several decades, but even with the recent economic downturn, the Central Texas real estate market has been exploding. And that growth is supported by strong economic figures and real industry and production, separating itself from the bad growth we saw in 2007. The state of Texas as…