How to Utilize the Extra Room in Your Home

If you have an extra room in your home and you aren’t quite sure what to do with it, have no fear! Many people simply utilize their extra room for storage, and there’s nothing wrong with that–but an extra room can be considered a bit of a luxury, so you may want to take advantage and turn it into something special.

We’ve put together some ideas to jump-start your creativity!

1) Entertainment Room

Many people convert their basements into entertainment centers. If you don’t have a basement, consider turning your extra room into a fun place to hang out with friends and family. If you enjoy watching movies, TV shows, and/or sports games, you can turn the area into a movie theater, complete with luxury seating, dim lighting, and a big screen. Or, if you’re into games, consider adding things like a pool table, or a dart board, etc.

2) Meditation/Relaxation Room

Are you a fan of meditation? Even if you aren’t, do you ever find yourself needing to escape the hustle and bustle of the world for a while? It can be hard to find a place to go where you can have a real sense of solitude and peace, so turning your extra room into a place to relax can be a great idea. Paint the walls white and get solid white furniture and accessories to create an serene environment.

3) Playroom

Let’s face it: kids can be messy. They leave toys everywhere, and tripping over their mess is likely a daily occurrence. If you have kids, consider turning your extra room into a playroom for them. You can put all of their toys in the room, which de-clutters the rest of your home. You’ll have a place where you can all play loudly without disturbing others, and you can get some peace and quiet when the kids are off playing in their new playroom. Bonus tip: consider painting the walls with special chalkboard paint so they can draw all over the walls–but be sure to explain that they should ONLY draw on the special walls, or you may find your regular walls marked up.

4) Gym

Love to work out, but hate the gym? Save money on membership fees while avoiding crowds and commutes by converting your extra room into a gym! You can get some great equipment at a reasonable price, and stock your room with exercise equipment to get your heart pumping and stay in shape. Another benefit is you’ll be right near your own shower when you’re done!

5) Home Office

Do you ever work from home? If so, a spare room would make a great office. Set up a desk and computer, hang up some art work, and you’re ready to go. Many people find working from home one or two days out of the week can help their productivity, so if your employer is open to remote work, take advantage of the opportunity!

6) Pet Room

If you’re an animal lover, consider turning your extra room into a paradise for your pets. Whether you have dogs or cats (or both), or any other kind of animal, they would probably love a space all for themselves! If you have cats, you can mount carpeted shelves on the walls for them to climb and run around on, scratch pads, and even keep their litter box in the room to prevent any odors from taking over other parts of your home. If you have dogs, set up dog beds and scatter toys about for them to play with and enjoy.

When you have an extra room, there are endless opportunities to utilize the space… The only limit is your imagination! We hope the ideas we’ve mentioned give you some inspiration to convert your extra room into something you’ll love!

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Featured image: “‎15:52 Bittersweetness” by NMR Photo, used under CC BY.

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