The Importance Of Inspecting Before You Buy

Nobody wants to buy a home and then find out that they have to pay more for repairs that weren’t noticed and taken care of before the sale. That’s why one of the most important things that buyers should do is to get the house inspected before buying. This will ensure that any potential issues are known before the sale.

Why You Need a Home Inspection

There are many good reasons to get a house inspected. A house is an investment property, and buyers should be able to get the best price for what they’re purchasing. Problems or potential issues with a home might not be immediately noticeable or even visible, and many people don’t know what types of problems to look for. That’s why it’s important to have a trained professional inspect the home before buying. Once an inspection has been completed, the buyer can make an informed decision about the price of the house.

What Inspection Officers Look for

Inspection officers look for minor and major repairs. Minor repairs may not deflect a buyer, but major repairs might cause buyers to think twice about purchasing a property. Home inspectors will look for issues such as:

Mold or Mildew – These issues can scare buyers and most want to know if the problem is dangerous and can they get rid of it. Most sellers are asked to deal with the problem right away.

Heating and Cooling – Home inspectors will check to see if the heating and cooling systems are in check, including if they are up to date, if they’re likely to need repairing soon, and how long they have been in use.

Roof and Chimney – These are inspected closely since deterioration of shingles can be a sign of moisture leaking in which can cause a leaky roof.

Plumbing and Drainage – Leaky faucets need attention and water pressure needs to be taken into consideration. Drainage with sewage issues can be a costly problem that most buyers don’t want to deal with.

Safety – All fire alarms and exits will be inspected, and a carbon monoxide detector will also be checked.

Electrical and Appliances – Electrical outlets will be inspected for fire dangers. Appliances that will stay with the house can also be inspected for issues.

What Buyers Should Know About their Inspector

The above list provides a very basic outline of the knowledge that the inspector passes on to the buyer. Buyers don’t need to be experts in inspection requirements, but they should know a little about their inspector. It is important to research the professional that is going to carry out the inspection. The buyer should know:

  • How many inspections have they completed
  • What are their qualifications
  • If they have certification and training

Armed with the knowledge about the inspector, the buyer can be satisfied with the inspection report. Then the buyer can make the proper judgment regarding if they have the budget for any repairs. The buyer can also ask the seller to complete the repair or lower the price on the house. This information can help secure a good investment for the buyer.

If you would like more information about having a property inspected, or about buying a home, contact The Damron Group REALTORS, located in San Marcos, TX.

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