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School bus in a school district

Why School Districts Matter When Buying A Home

As school districts strive to improve educational outcomes, they must also ensure that the process of buying a home does not adversely impact a child’s chances for success. In fact, in some cases, purchasing a home can even lower the chances for that child to succeed. This is why school districts must understand the value…
A pre-built home next to a custom home under construction

Building a New Home vs Buying Existing

There can be an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to purchasing a home for you and your loved ones to live in. Some of these options rarely make financial sense—we’ll be getting into those weeds soon enough—but the two most sensible options come down to having a home built or buying an already…
Fall House Exterior

Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Buy a Home

Many potential home buyers are looking for the best time to buy the property. It is good to look for the best month when you can get the best property deals. Buying a home during fall has been proven to be the best idea. Few people are willing to purchase homes during the fall months.…
Couple looking at homes for sale on a computer

Tips for Virtual Home Shopping

Due to the pandemic, virtual operations have become the order of the day. Even persons and businesses that did not appreciate virtual platforms of operation before can now attest to the fact that such platforms are necessary in the modern-day world. Most industries and in particular, the real estate industry have been at the forefront…
Scenic Texas Hill Country landscape

Why the Texas Hill Country Is a Great Home for Nature Lovers

The Texas Hill Country boasts some of the most unique topography and scenery in all of North America. The Hill Country sits in a space that takes up 25 counties in south and central Texas, and it is an amazing place to call home for anyone who appreciates wildlife, simplicity and relaxation. This article explains…
Open house with sign

Buyers Guide to Open Houses
For sale Tips From Your San Marcos Agency

Attending an open house is a great opportunity to walk through a home and get to know what you do and don’t like without the added pressure of a scheduled appointment. These are great to attend if you are in any part of the house buying process, and we recommend taking advantage of the opportunity…
Handshake with real estate agent in front of home

Why Sell Your Home With A Real Estate Agent
From your Agency in San Marcos TX

When it’s time to sell your home, an excellent real estate agent can help make your home sale easier and sometimes even faster and more profitable. The Difference Between a Buyer Agent and a Listing Agent A buyer agent is working for the buyer and helps the buyer through the entire process, such as finding…
A retired couple enjoying a leisurely walk

Investing in Real Estate for Retirement Income
Tips From Your San Marcos TX Agency

With an increasing number of people relying less on pensions and becoming more weary of 401ks and Roth IRAs, many are looking to real estate to fill in the gaps—especially in retirement. While there are many aspects to consider before you invest in real estate to ensure retirement security, there are considerable benefits and ways…
Monopoly houses and money laid out in a row

Understanding the Basics of Real Estate vs Personal Property Tax

When people refer to property tax, they are generally referring to two distinct categories. The first category is the real estate tax, and the other the personal property tax. Real estate tax is often referred to as the real property tax, while the personal property tax has several different subcategories. When it comes time to…
Hands holding a set of house keys just out of reach

Buying a Home During a Recession Part 2: The Challenges
From Your Real Estate Agents in San Marcos TX

In our previous post, we discussed the unique opportunities that present themselves to home buyers during a recession—opportunities that benefit both traditional buyers and investors. Economic down-turns don’t come without a good deal of challenges, however, and home buyers aren’t exempt from facing difficulties. In part two of our series, we’ll explore these challenges and…
Homes for sale in San Marcos

Sell Your Home In A Competitive Market Pt 2
Tips from Your San Marcos TX REALTORS ®

When you’re ready to sell your home, you may find you’re selling in a competitive market. This type of market can be more difficult to sell in, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever sell then. By following a few tips and utilizing the advice of professionals, you can still sell your home quickly. Didn’t…
Graphic design of home being sold by San Marcos real estate agents

Sell Your Home In A Competitive Market Pt 1
Tips from Your San Marcos Real Estate Agents

It may seem challenging to sell your home at a reasonable price on a competitive market, but it’s not impossible. Here are some useful tips to help you sell your San Marcos property quickly. Seek Expert Consultation A fluctuating economy impacts both home buyers and sellers. Many buyers do not want to invest because they…
San Marcos Realty Prediction Graphic

The Real Estate Market in 2020
Predictions from Your San Marcos Realty Team

2020 is looking at a rather mixed future for housing. The unemployment rate is at the lowest it’s been in 50 years. Also, mortgage interest rates are simultaneously very low. As a result, the only problem predicted is that there won’t be enough houses for everyone who wants one. Also, with more of the elderly…
Man Signing a contract for a house

What to do Before Making an Offer
on Homes for Sale in San Marcos

Purchasing a home, whether it’s your first time or not, can be one of the most exciting times of transition you can experience. With all the positive energy you can gain from house shopping and finding a property that you love, it can be easy to gloss over a few details and steps along the…
Tract Home

How to Make Your Tract Home Charming
Advice from your San Marcos Realtors

So, you have a house for sale, and you want to get it sold relatively quickly, and also get your asking price. Your realtor can do his or her part but making the house “sale ready” is your job. Following these steps can help make the difference between selling in 2 weeks or 2 months.…