10 Tips to Puppy Proof Your New Home

If you have a puppy, you already know how curious and excitable they are. If you’re moving to a new home with a puppy in tow, be sure to keep these tips in mind to ensure your pup is safe as he explores his new home and gets settled in.

We’ve put together 5 indoor puppy proofing tips and 5 outdoor puppy proofing tips that should help keep your companion out of harm’s way.

Indoor Puppy Proofing Tips

1) Unpack Cleaning Supplies in a Safe Place

Be sure that you put your cleaning chemicals and supplies in high cabinets, or secure low cupboards with childproof locks.

2) Don’t Leave Medications Laying Around

This may seem simple (especially if you have a child), but it’s easy to toss things on counters to come back to later as you’re running around trying to get everything situated. Take care to keep medications in a high cabinet or a bathroom mirror cabinet.

3) Keep Electrical Cords Tidy

Many puppies find the allure of tangled cords to be irresistible, but the last thing you want is for them to start chewing on them. These cords can cause electrical shocks that can burn your pup’s mouth or even kill them. Keep them organized and out of sight as best as possible. Consider purchasing cable wrap or cord concealers.

4) Check for Drowning Hazards

Any sinks or bathtubs that are left full of water can pose a drowning risk. Be sure to keep them drained when not in use, and keep toilet lids down as well

5) Prevent Strangulation

Loose blind and drapery cords can pose a threat for your dog. There’s a chance they can become entangled and strangle themselves. So be sure to tie up any loose cords or trim them down.


Outdoor Puppy Proofing Tips

1) Know Your Plants

Some plants are toxic to dogs. Be sure you’re familiar with the plants in your new yard and make sure your pup can’t get ahold of any that are toxic to them (such as: morning glory, foxglove, lily of the valley, daffodils, etc.).

2) Keep Toxins Out of Reach

If you have gasoline canisters, fertilizer, oil, insecticides, etc., be sure to store them up high on shelves where your puppy can’t get into them.

3) Inspect Any Fencing

If you plan on letting your dog roam free and play in your back yard, you’ll want to be sure that you a) have a fence, and b) that the fence is secure. Walk the perimeter and keep an eye out for any gaps or areas where your puppy could slip out.

4) Check For Drowning Hazards

If your new yard has a pool, pond, or hot tub, ensure these are fenced off or covered so that your pup can’t accidentally fall in.

5) Do a Sweep

Walk around your yard and keep an eye out for any potentially hazardous items (such as nails, broken glass, etc.) and clean them up before you let your puppy run and play. You don’t want them stepping on or rolling on anything sharp.

If you follow the above tips, your puppy should have a safer experience as they explore and become familiar with their new home!

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