How Shade Can Affect The Value of Your Home

In places like Texas we all can understand wanting to escape the sun and the heat. It’s why we all have A/C, why we jump in the pool, and why sit in the shade any opportunity we get. And that is also why people can utilize shade structures to escape the elements. Whether it is raining, the sun’s beating down, or the wind is blowing everything away, a shade structure can help.

This is only being brought up to emphasize how much people value having outdoor shade. And value is of course what defines the price on the market for any property, and seeing as it is something that people do want, it will increase property value. In this article we will be going over shaded features that add value to your property and the additional benefit that it also increases the attraction your home has, and the likelihood a buyer picks it over another home, all other things similar.

Shade Options for Home Owners

The best example is a covered patio. Adding shade to a patio increases the value more when combined than either would by themselves. Some other things you can add on that will be a huge benefit in maximizing the value is making sure there is proper landscaping, potentially a brick oven, outdoor chairs and tables for the showing, and a wooden deck. A patio that backs up to the house has the advantage of not needing four support beams, and also being more likely to remain shaded throughout the entirety of the day (though there are still side shades for when that is not a possibility). As well, the effect is a multiplier. Anything installed underneath the canopy is then not just seating or an oven, but now shaded, and any future installations become more valuable than they would by themselves.

Shade for Renters

Shaded parking spots are also something that works for both residential and rental properties, especially multi-unit complexes. For residential, they are a good replacement (or even supplement) to a multi-car garage, and allow the soaring heat to be avoided in cars. The apartment complexes that use shaded parking will not only make themselves more attractive to potential renters, they can also profit from their installation by charging a monthly fee for the parking spots that are shaded, or alternatively give all apartments an assigned spot and just use it to ensure you remain at 0% vacancy. This not only helps you while you own it, but it will also increase the value, giving you monthly and lump sum value over time that can add up to be quite a bit.

Shaded Gardens

A final quick recommendation is the option of a shaded garden. Many people love to garden, but the heat ends up keeping a lot of would be gardeners’ green thumbs gone. But a shaded garden, as covered in a separate article, opens the door to a lot of plants that could otherwise not be grown in our climate since, as it would be shaded, the garden is now cool anytime of the year. Like having a shaded patio, a shaded garden can increase the appeal of your home for potential buyers.

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