4 Tips for Entertaining Guests at Your New Home in San Marcos

It’s always great to have get-togethers with friends and family to catch up and have a good time. Sure, you could go out to a restaurant or an event, but nothing beats the relaxed environment of your home. It’s great to have guests over at any time or for any occasion, and it’s always nice to be able to show off your new home!

We’ve put together four simple tips to ensure your home is prepped for a great night full of entertaining guests.

1) Arrange Your Furniture
Before your guests arrive, you may need to rearrange your furniture to ensure that everyone can sit and interact comfortably. If you have a lot of people coming, you may need to bring in seats from other rooms to ensure everyone has a place to sit. Or, if it’s a nice day you may wish to have the party outside. Simply set up an umbrella and ensure you have enough seats out on the lawn for everyone.

2) Appetizers
Everyone loves appetizers! Arrange platters of goodies on your coffee table or bar so that as guests arrive they can treat themselves to some light snacks and good conversation. Be sure to include a variety of appetizers so everyone can enjoy something. You can set out crackers, cheeses, pepperoni, chips and dips, veggies (carrots, broccoli, celery, etc.) and dips, the list goes on!

3) Host a Buffet
Having to slave away in the kitchen dishing portions, keeping track of what people want (and don’t want), and making numerous trips to serve everyone can be a drain. Not only that, but you lose out on visitation time. Instead, set everything out on a long table and allow people to dish their own food. This ensure they each get the portions they want and skip any foods they may not like.

4) Pay Attention to Details
You can add some nice ambiance to your home and impress your guests without breaking the bank. Light candles around the home and, if your budget allows, arrange some fresh flowers around places the guests will be visiting. Take time to set the table in an appealing way, you can search for videos on YouTube on how to do things such as easily folding napkins into impressive shapes.

No matter what the occasion, having a group of friends or family over is always fun. If you follow the four simple tips we’ve listed above, we know you and your guests will have a great time!

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