Gift Ideas to Leave Your Old Home’s Buyers

Selling your home can be emotionally (and physically!) draining. You’ve likely spend quite a bit of time there, and probably made a lot of great memories. But you’re probably excited about the next chapter of your life, and what your new home will bring… and the same applies for the people who just bought your house! They’re moving in and starting a new chapter of their life as well.

While you don’t have to, leaving a thoughtful gift can be a great way to welcome them to their new home.

Personalized Mailing Labels or a Custom Address Stamp

Since you know the new owners’ names and their address, you can have beautiful mailing labels printed for just a few bucks at a number of local printers or business supply stores (or even online). Alternatively, you can look into buying a custom address stamp that they can use over and over. Leave them on the kitchen counter with a nice note, and you can be sure they won’t soon forget you!

A Customized Doormat

Many people don’t think to buy doormats when they’re first getting settled into their new home, so why not help them out? You can purchase a nice doormat with the initial of their last name for under $25 at a lot of home supply/improvement stores. Just leave it out in front of their front door for a warming surprise!

A City Print

If your new home buyers are moving from a different city, consider getting them a city print from their old city for instant nostalgia points. You can be sure they’ll find somewhere to hang it up!

A DIY Wrapped Cookbook

Leaving a cookbook for a new home owner is a great idea, but you can take it one step further by wrapping it in a nice tea towel or cloth napkin and leave it on the kitchen counter.

There’s a lot of other great housewarming gifts you could leave your old home’s new owners for their move-in day, we just wanted to list a few to help you get the ideas flowing! Once again, a housewarming gift is in no way necessary, but it can sure make their new home a little more special.

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