Interior Design Trends to Consider If You’re Selling Your Home in 2016

Now that 2015 is almost over, and 2016 is just on the horizon, there’s no better time than the end of the year to analyze what interior design trends are most likely to encapsulate the American collective.

There were many top design trends in 2015, such as rich blue accent colors, that are likely to still hold strong, while others like over-sized bathtubs aren’t expected to make it through the coming months.

Here, we’ve examined and detailed the top five budding interior design trends that you’ll want to have in your home in 2016.

5. Room Definition Is Back In
As Americans begin pairing down on belongings and living in quarters with smaller footprints, room definition is making itself more apparent in American society. More than a century ago, architects like Frank Lloyd Wright had the foresight to create the open-concept home, which focuses on larger rooms with not many walls or partitions. Since then open-concept kitchen areas have become quintessential for any modern residential construction.

Looking for a new take on open-concept, 2016’s floor plans will include more wall space, both width and height, especially when it comes to dining areas and kitchens.

4. Nature becomes more natural
Much of the decor projects for 2016 are utilizing much more natural materials. for example as coatings cork and marble are coming back strongly, wood, stone, and raw concrete are also here with their timeless presence. Finding the harmony between nature and the living space is becoming a strong trend. This can also be seen in the wide usage of plant life and garden elements into the interior decor.

3. Pastels Are Back
Subtle color is finally finding it’s way back into kitchen design, and it’s looking for even more spotlight in 2016. For a while now, marble has been THE choice for kitchen countertops. Colors in the kitchen started making a comeback appearance in 2013 with Navy cabinetry, as a way to add life back into kitchen design. In recent months, new kitchen pastels became muted and calm, not overly showy.

These accents of color will work best on cabinetry or items such as teapots and cups, rather than on walls or countertops.

2. Lighting of the Future
In the recent years, we’ve seen a shift to bare bulb lighting, hanging like dim, limp fruits in nearly every rustic restaurant and home. Industrial inspired lighting also has it’s foot in the door in 2016. This trend will continue to evolve and begin taking more futuristic versions on classic designs. We will likely see mixed metals become more integrated with lighting fixtures as well.

1. Zen Sanctuaries at Home
2015 has been a crazy year, and more and more people are finding solace in their home. Zen themes will be seen even more in 2016 to transform our homes into a safe haven from the world. This ever-growing movement will be seen in the form of low sitting beds and seating, and covered in muted textiles.

With these predictions, we believe that making these additions to your home in 2016 will increase your home’s value.

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