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Does Lawn Care Affect Your Property Value?

Does Lawn Care Affect Your Property Value?

If you are considering doing home renovations either for yourself or if you are considering preparing your house to put on the market, it is crucial to keep your property value in mind. Because your property value is only based on what the buyer and you, the seller, agree upon, the way your home looks…
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Open Houses: The Basics for Sellers

Open houses can be a great way to showcase your house to a wide range of potential customers in a short period of time. By showing your house at it’s prime, and allowing interested parties to get a tour without having to call their realtor well ahead of time, and saving realtors the hassle of…
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Buying A Retirement Home You’ll Love

Finding and purchasing your dream retirement home can often be complex, however, at the same time it can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience in the long run. So how does one go about it? Plan Ahead Buying your dream home comes at a high opportunity cost, and it is important that the buyer be…