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School bus in a school district

Why School Districts Matter

As school districts strive to improve educational outcomes, they must also ensure that the process of buying a home does not adversely impact a child’s chances for success. In fact, in some cases, purchasing a home can even lower the chances for that child to succeed. This is why school districts must understand the value…
Four factors that will shape the real estate industry in 2019

Four Factors That Will Shape The 2019 Real Estate Industry near San Marcos, TX

Estimated to be worth over 200 billion dollars; the real estate industry has continually reacted to changing macroeconomic factors such as economic changes and population growth. By looking at trends since 1945, the industry has continuously overcome recession rates to register profitable results. For instance, the economy in the 1970s experienced shock inflation which saw…
Open House Sign in front of homes for sale in San Marcos

Different Types of Buyer-Broker Agreements

A person who is planning on buying a home will usually sign a broker agreement with their real estate agent prior to writing up a purchase agreement. These agreements are designed to explain who is representing the buyer and what the details of this agreement are. There are a number of different buyer-broker agreements that…